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Updating Vuepress Theme Cool

By David Li on Mon, 11 Nov 2018 13:00:00 GMT
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Summary of Changes

When updating the vuepress theme, I decided to add in markdown-it-admonitions which were partly inspired by the Boostnote admonitions.

In addition, I created the vuepress-theme-cool-starter repo in order for users to more easily interact with my vuepress-theme.

Overall, I believe that vuepress is a fantastic tool and look forward to continuing to update this theme for vuepress version 1.00

This will require overhaulling and renaming quite a few existing files.

While examining what other components are available for vue. In addition, instead of relying on storybook, vuepress may be a better alterative.

After getting a number of issues on my github repo, I realised that working on open source is a thankless task, heck I probably made more money with ads than I did with open source. At the time of writing I haven’t made any money with the ads.

Changing my code to extend the default vuepress-theme made maintaining my code base significantly easier.

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