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Thoughts after using dall-e

By David Li on Thursday, 21 July 2022 13:00:00 GMT
Image post 3


After experimenting with dall-e I realised how powerful it can be. I attempted to upload some of the images to make money off it, but failed.

Corgi next to pyramids

Corgi Plane

Corgi Up in a Tree

The watermark available in every photo makes it hard to sell on stock sites. Other requirements such as no tag ids make it harder to sell and/or get approved for licensing.

Instead I will make posts on my blog with various dall-e images. I thought about generating a few automatic videos with the labels and the generated image, but its still difficult with the watermarked images.

As for income generation, since images need to be approved by humans, its going to be hard to resell these images, as a result my commerization efforts should be focussed on adding them to a blog or having users download them from my site directly for a fee.

Honestly, its hard to make money on the internet.

Weaknesses of dall-e

From my personal testing I found the following:

  • Dall-e struggles with human faces at times.
  • some of the images generated have gliberrish text.
  • fails to generate various of anime movie posters.

Overall, dall-e is quite a powerful tool used for image generation butyou need to be careful with it. The watermark makes it difficult to sell on stock sites and get approved for licensing.

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