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Get a Solar Powered Pikachu Bobblehead for a Steal on AliExpress

By David Li on Monday, 28 August 2023 13:00:00 GMT


Do you love Pokémon? Do you want a cute desk accessory that will bring you joy every day? Look no further than a solar powered bobblehead Pikachu from AliExpress!

I first fell in love with these adorable bobbleheads years ago when I bought one for only $12.99 in Chinatown. At the time, it felt like an amazing deal. But now you can get them for even cheaper directly from sellers on AliExpress. In this article, I’ll share my experience buying this must-have Pokémon merchandise for less.

My Experience Buying a Pikachu Bobblehead Years Ago:

About 6 years ago, I was visiting Chinatown with friends when I came across a little shop selling cute anime figurines and toys. That’s where I found this vibrant yellow solar powered Pikachu bobblehead. His head bobbled happily while his cheeks lit up red with solar energy. I had to have it! At only $12.99, it felt like a steal.

basic pikachu

This adorable desk accessory has brought me smiles every day since. Pikachu bobbles his head cheerfully while absorbing energy from any light source. He’s a constant reminder to stay positive and find joy in the little things.

Get One Today for Less on AliExpress:

While $12.99 felt like a good deal at the time, you can now find similar solar powered Pikachu bobbleheads on AliExpress for only $5-10!

After years of great experiences buying directly from sellers on AliExpress, I’m confident this is the best place to get your own Pikachu bobblehead for less. The prices are far cheaper than physical shops, plus you can browse reviews and shopper photos to find a high quality product.

Why Items are Cheaper on AliExpress:

One major reason items on AliExpress are so affordable is because most sellers are wholesalers based in China. By buying directly from the source, you cut out extra costs added on by retail stores in other countries.

Additionally, sellers on AliExpress don’t have the overhead expenses of renting a physical store. They can offer great deals by selling directly to consumers online. And Chinese manufacturing costs are generally lower than in Western countries.

Is the Quality on AliExpress Good?

In my experience, you can absolutely find great quality items on AliExpress as long as you shop smart. Make sure to check out reviews and photos from other buyers. Stars and positive ratings indicate a reputable seller with satisfied customers.

Don’t just look at the product photos from the seller listing. Actual buyer photos will give you a better idea of the true quality. I’ve had no issues receiving high quality items that match the description. Just do your research upfront on each seller.

My Positive Experiences Buying from AliExpress:

I was hesitant at first to buy directly from sellers in China. But after taking the leap with a few small purchases, I’ve had overwhelmingly positive experiences with AliExpress.

The variety of unique products you can find is mindblowing. And the prices are far cheaper than what you would pay for a similar item elsewhere. While shipping takes 2-3 weeks, the money you save is worth the short wait.

As long as you read seller reviews and check photo reviews from other buyers, you can ensure you’re getting a high quality product. I also recommend using PayPal when checking out for buyer protection.


Don’t overpay for Pokémon goodies at retail stores. For the best deals on fun anime merch, shop directly on AliExpress! You can find the same solar powered Pikachu bobblehead that made me smile years ago for cheaper than ever. Bring home your own desk buddy today!

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