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How to use AI to generate logos

By David Li on Fri, 21 March 2025

In order to generate logos with AI, I have a two step process:

  1. Generate logo description using AI.

Write descriptions for logos for AI sass startups:

  1. InferoBot

    The InferoBot logo features a vibrant, fiery orange flame with a modern, geometric twist. The flame is composed of a series of interconnected, angular shapes that subtly form the shape of a robot’s face. This dynamic logo represents the powerful and cutting-edge AI-driven technology, igniting the spirit of innovation and intelligence.

  2. MindMeld

    The MindMeld logo is a sleek, minimalist design showcasing two interconnected human brain hemispheres in a subtle gradient of blue hues. The merge point between the hemispheres is a stylized, glowing light bulb, symbolizing the fusion of human intelligence with AI’s limitless potential. This logo conveys a sense of collaboration, innovation, and cognitive growth.

  3. AI Whisperer

    The AI Whisperer logo showcases a modern, stylized ear with an abstract, flowing waveform emanating from it. The ear is composed of clean, curved lines in a gradient of cool teal colors, while the waveform is a blend of electric blue and purple hues. This logo represents the seamless communication and understanding between humans and AI, as well as the company’s commitment to bridging the gap between technology and user experience.

  4. NeuraSphere

    The NeuraSphere logo is an elegant, futuristic design featuring a 3D sphere composed of interconnected nodes and lines, representing a neural network. The sphere has a metallic, pearlescent finish in shades of silver, blue, and purple, giving it a sense of depth and sophistication. This emblem symbolizes the company’s focus on harnessing the power of AI for innovative solutions in various industries.

  5. CodeGenius

    The CodeGenius logo is a bold and modern design that incorporates a stylized, monochromatic letter “C” and “G” intertwined to form an infinity symbol. The smooth, flowing lines are punctuated by sharp angles, representing the seamless integration of human expertise and AI technology. The timeless black and white color scheme signifies the company’s dedication to creating enduring, intelligent software solutions.

  6. DataCrafter

    The DataCrafter logo features a striking, stylized image of a blacksmith’s anvil, with the top surface replaced by a series of glowing, multicolored pixels. The anvil is set against a backdrop of a deep blue to purple gradient, which adds depth and visual interest. This unique logo symbolizes the company’s dedication to crafting powerful AI solutions through the forging of data into meaningful insights and applications.

  7. Copy and paste the responses into bing image creator or dall-e.

inferobot logo


In this article, you learned how to use AI to generate prompts for another AI. Honestly, I think designers will have a hard time competing with all these AI services. For example, at this time of writing ChatGPT has trouble with math, but with the wolfram alpha integration, it does not need to perform well, just rely on another service.

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