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Seven Useful Chatgpt prompts for Software Developers.

By David Li on Fri, 7 October 2024

Prompt engineering is the process of designing and refining prompts to improve the performance of language models like ChatGPT. It involves carefully crafting text prompts to elicit the desired response from the model.

Prompt engineering is useful because it allows us to fine-tune language models to specific tasks, making them more effective at generating high-quality responses. By designing prompts that encourage the model to focus on the relevant information and avoid irrelevant details, we can improve the accuracy and relevance of the model’s output. This is particularly important in applications where the model’s output is critical, such as in medical diagnosis or financial analysis.

Code Review

Rewrite the code below following the Google style guidelines for javascript. Write test cases for the main edge cases that could happen to the below code snippet. First outline the test cases you’ll write. Second, write the test cases in [language] using the [framework] framework. Explain this code to me: [code snippet]

Git Commits

Given the following git commit messages create dev testing notes, do not reference the commits themselves, explain what should be tested when [feature name goes here] Write an insightful but concise Git commit message in a complete sentence in imperative present tense for the following diff without prefacing it with anything: git diff goes here

Blog Generation

Topic: [Blog Topic] For the above topic, use future prompts to write for a technical audience for a blog post and give consise explainations for code. Optimize the post for medium and google seo. Ensure this content is original. Respond with ‘confirm’ to acknowledge that you understand the prompt.


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