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Simple script to checkout files

By David Li on Saturday, 30 October 2022 13:00:00 GMT

Recently, I wrote a script to checkout files from branch because why not. At first I thought of using golang or C#, but bash scripting is the way to go.

In all honestly, this script was made with github copilot, its getting pretty powerful, but this script is also fairly simple.


# this scripts reads files.txt and checks out the files from the repository from the inputted branch

# argument 1: branch name
# argument 2: file.txt

# check if the branch exists
if ! git show-ref --verify --quiet refs/heads/$1
    echo "Branch does not exist"
    exit 1

# check if file exists
if [ ! -f $2 ]
    echo "File does not exist"
    exit 1

# read the file and check out the files
while read line
  # convert line from windows path to unix path
  line=$(echo $line | sed 's/\\/\//g')
    echo "git checkout $1 -- $line"
    git checkout "$1" -- "$line"
done < $2

Since I use windows + git bash we will need a convert windows file paths to unix, for now I use a simple approach of just parsing backslash.

For example a sample file.txt can be

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