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How I generate stock reports with python and latex

Mar 20, 2023
Generating premarket and postmarket reports with python and latex

Liability Driven Investing flow chart

Oct 13, 2023
Although I correctly predicted the collapse of ldi, I did not profit from it.

How I built out my latex diagrams project

Oct 29, 2022
How I build out the latex diagrams project

Create a deploy to overleaf button

Jun 7, 2024
How to create a deploy to overleaf button in react and plain html

Converting saber site to nextra

May 30, 2024
In this post I will show you how I ported saber site to nextra.

How I converted circleCi to github actions

Feb 19, 2023
For my latex diagrams project I converted the ci from circle to github actions.

Advanced Topics in LaTeX

Dec 14, 2024
Covers advanced LaTeX topics including generating resumes, invoices, and academic documents, and writing books with LaTeX.

Collaborating on Documents with LaTeX

Dec 14, 2024
Provides an overview of different collaboration workflows and tools that can be used in conjunction with LaTeX, including version control systems such as Git and cloud-based collaboration tools such as Overleaf.

Getting started with tikz

Dec 14, 2024
Creation of diagrams with LaTeX, including basic diagrams with TikZ, advanced diagrams with PGFPlots,.

Creating Front and Back Matter with LaTeX

Dec 14, 2024
Creating Front and Back Matter with LaTeX is a comprehensive guide to using LaTeX for creating professional-looking front and back matter in documents. The article provides an overview of the importance of front and back matter and the different elements typically included in these sections.

Introduction to latex

Dec 14, 2024
Getting started with latex

How to Create Beautiful LaTeX Diagrams for Your Projects

Mar 16, 2023
LaTeX is a powerful system for creating high-quality documents with professional typography and layout. However, LaTeX is not only good for text, but also for graphics

Typesetting Mathematical Equations with LaTeX

Dec 14, 2024
Covers the basics of typesetting mathematical equations in LaTeX, including basic and advanced math typesetting and the use of math packages in LaTeX.

Latex Syntax

Dec 14, 2024
Introduction to latex syntax and how to use it

Text Formatting with LaTeX

Dec 14, 2024
Text formatting is a crucial aspect of any document preparation system, and LaTeX provides a powerful set of tools for formatting text in a wide variety of ways. This article is a comprehensive guide to text formatting with LaTeX, designed for beginners who are just getting started with the system.
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